Thematic Symposia

The conference consists of two plenary lectures, ten thematic symposia with invited or contributed talks and posters. In addition, there will be one special symposium on the occasion of the 65th birthday of Alexander S. Mikhailov. Each symposium was prepared by two organizers who have invited the speakers and selected the contributed presentations. Durations of the talks may vary depending on a symposium. Each talk includes 5 min of discussion (or 3 min in the case of short 15 min talks). The posters from all symposia will be presented together during a joint poster session. To view a symposium program, click on its title in the list (coming soon).



List of Symposia

• Active Particles (K. Showalter & R. Kapral)

• Electrochemistry and Surface Reactions (H. H. Rotermund & K. Krischer)

• Control of Chemical Self-Organization (E. Schöll & O. Steinbock)

• Self-Organization in Biological Cells (M. Falcke & A. Bausch)

• Fluctuations Far from Equilibrium (F. Sagues & L. Schimansky-Geier)

• Waves and Patterns in Active Media (M. Bär & H. Engel)

• Collective Cell Migration and Chemotaxis (C. Beta & S. C. Müller)

• Synthetic Molecular Biology (A. S. Mikhailov & P. Schwille)

• Synchronization Phenomena (A. Pikovsky & I. Kiss)

• Mathematical and Computational Methods (B. Fiedler & Y. Kevrekidis)